Amos said he planned to offer Gates a set of metrics this

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cheap jordans for sale Marine Corps Commandant General James Amos told the Cheap jordans Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday that the Marines had no B for how to carry out its missions if the plane was canceled.Defense Secretary cheap jordans grade school Robert Gates in January put the Marine Corps variant of the F 35 Joint Strike Fighter on a two year watch, and said it should be canceled if technical issues could not be resolved during that time.Britain cheap jordans 23 has already decided against buying that version of the new Joint Strike Fighter, leaving the Marines and Italy as the only customers for a model that has run into considerable technical problems and cost overruns.sense is I optimistic, Amos said. Are on a two year watch. It my hope that we can get buy cheap air jordans online off that well before two years.Amos said he planned to offer Gates a set of metrics this spring that would measure progress on the plane and allow the Pentagon to lift the current probationary status.Amos said the Pentagon new F 35 director, Vice Admiral David Venlet, was the guy to be running the program, and the Pentagon level of oversight was appropriate.Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Gary Roughead and Amos underscored progress on the program since a second restructuring in 12 months, noting that the pace of flight tests was way up.Amos said he was briefed Monday on structural issues with the short takeoff, vertical landing (STOVL) version of the F 35, including issues with the plane bulkhead and excess weight, and progress was being made.He said he would focus carefully on the aircraft performance in flight tests in coming months, any additional weight gain, as well as engineering, we on a good glide slope in weight growth and they not going to add a pound that I not aware of to that airplane, he said.get out, we get dirty, we fly in places where cheap jordans for sale.

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