The degree to which most games implement the physx varies

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canada goose uk outlet Or you could get 1 fps on your 6800gtx). Then a few years after everyone thought they were dead Nvidia buys them and integrates the hardware acceleration into their cuda software (I might be wrong but I think nvidia was also putting a dedicated chip on their cards for physics to try to push their own version of gpu accelerated physics back when the 8800 first came out but dont quote me on that). So if a game supports physx at all it has the physx engine on it and can be hardware accelerated. The degree to which most games implement the physx varies though due to not wanting to abandon and/or piss off 50 60% of the gamers buying their game. Physx engines arent like object models in a game. If it runs on one engine thats the only engine you have canada goose uk outlet.

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